If you’re a good electrician that loves what you do, but are tired of not getting paid you’re value…There’s a place in IBEW Michigan for workers like you.

Higher Wage Packages

You can make 2-3 times what you make now per hour.

Our contractors will not negotiate with you to lower your wages to win a bid.

IBEW represents you and protects your hard earned wages and benefits.

Guaranteed Healthcare and Retirement

Construction is a demanding and often dangerous profession. Healthcare is very important for our members and their families.

IBEW provides comprehensive healthcare including medical, dental and vision to support you and your family.

As an IBEW member, you’ll be able to retire and have a solid quality of life supported by pension and retirement income.


Negotiated Wage Increases, Time Off and Overtime

We believe you should be paid for your work, overtime and time off. 

The IBEW negotiates with our employers so that you know what to expect and what to plan on for your career.

Extensive Upgrade Training

The electrical industry is always changing and evolving with the advancement of new technology.

As an IBEW Member, you will have access to the highest quality training and certifications available for our industry through our many Electrical Industry Training Centers throughout Michigan.



As an IBEW member, Warren Birkenhauer is being paid what he's worth in a career he loves.

The Michigan construction industry is growing. We are seeing Billions of dollars of commercial, public, industrial and residential work planned across the state for the next several years. Now is a great time to expand your career potential, income and outlook by joining the IBEW.

We need quality people in all of our Michigan markets.  People who value a hard work for decent pay and benefits. Your experience matters to us. 

It all starts with a conversation.  Contact your Local IBEW for more information on the wages, benefits and process for joining.  Find your Local IBEW by clicking here.